Project Description

Family Business

FAMILY BUSINESS is a new late night reality series about an average guy trying to make a living in the Adult Film Industry. A hilarious blend of real-life absurd situations and eccentric characters, FAMILY BUSINESS focuses on the charismatic Adam Glasser and his alter ego, “Seymore Butts,” who has created over 70 popular adult videos. The show is for adult audiences only.

The show uncovers the naked truth of a family whose business just happens to be adult entertainment. Family Business centers on Adam, a proud single dad who runs the family business with his meddling but well meaning mom, Lila, and cantankerous cousin, Stevie. The series follows Adam as he faces the same problems that many executives encounter running their own company. He is trying to juggle a hectic work schedule, be a good single dad and find the next girl in his life, hopefully one that Lila approves.

Adam’s life is like anyone else’s…almost. As an adult film producer, director and actor, his everyday life tends to be a little more unique and present a few more interesting moments. While it may be most men’s…. and some women’s fantasy, the adult film business is a business and there is a lot of hard work that goes into auditioning hot new talent and shooting the perfect scene. The show is executive produced by Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner, part of the team behind the CBS series “Big Brother”.

Starring: Adam Glasser, Stevie Glasser, Lila Glasser