Project Description

Bitchin’ Kitchen

BITCHIN’ KITCHEN is a deliciously different take on food. Hosted by the irrepressible Nadia G, this show is where hipsters and foodies can finally meet, and once they’ve had a taste of a ‘One-Night-Stand Breakfast’ — there’s no going back.

The lip-sticked and tattooed host Nadia G is quick-witted and wildly talented. Whether it’s her Rehab Ravioli, an Impress The In-laws Meal (“You may never be good enough, but at least this meal will be”), or her much-loved Anxiety-Stricken Chicken Soup — Nadia delivers great recipes with a clever twist and a wink. Every episode addresses a situation faced by an entire generation of urban women and men who aren’t choosing china patterns, but still love great food.

The secret is Nadia’s genuine talent in the kitchen — raised by an Italian catering family, food has always been the centre of her universe. A few years ago, she discovered a clever way to infuse her unique personality into accessible haute cuisine (“Cream sauces are my specialty — that and whipping a stiletto across the room with impeccable aim”) and BITCHIN’ KITCHEN was born.

Starring: Nadia G